Grand Canyon Helicopters

Is it possible to make the Grand Canyon even more spectacular? Yes. Take a helicopter tour. Trips depart Las Vegas and the South Rim and come with up to 1 hour air time. Looking for awesome? This is as good as it gets.

My Top Picks for "Best Helicopter Tour"

Of all the ways to see the Grand Canyon, helicopter tours are #1. Choppers, for instance, fly to the bottom. And, because of superior maneuverability, they go to spectacular places that are off-limits to buses, airplanes and hikers.

Helicopters depart from Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Vegas flights go to the West Rim - there are no direct helicopter rides to the South Rim, which, at 277 miles to the east, is out of range.

Vegas tours are all-inclusive and come with complimentary hotel shuttle service to all Strip resorts. South Rim departures require passengers to provide their own transportation.

There are two kinds of tours: Aerial and landing. You'll find the former at both rims. Landing tours, which come with boat rides, Skywalk passes and rafting trips, originate only from Vegas.

There are a lot of tours from which to choose, and, considering the options, it can get daunting. To help you cut to the chase, here are each rim's top packages...

From: Las Vegas

These West Rim tour prices CHECKED & VERIFIED

grand canyon deluxe helicopter tour

Bottom Picnic
Vegas' most popular day trip! Fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam. Descend 4,000 feet to bottom of canyon. Deplane next to the Colorado River for a scrumptious Champagne brunch. Includes 30 minutes to explore bottom. Comes with free hotel shuttle service. Trip duration: 4 hours.

Price: $359
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grand canyon helicopter boat skywalk tour

Bottom, Top, Boat & Skywalk (4-in-1)
The ultimate canyon air tour! Go over Hoover Dam before landing at bottom. Transfer to steel-pontoon boat for Colorado River boat ride. Ascend to top of West Rim. Do the Grand Canyon Skywalk & walk 70 feet past edge of West Rim! Includes 2+ hours at Grand Canyon West.

Price: $544
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grand canyon skywalk helicopter tour

Helicopter Skywalk
45-minute flight above Lake Mead, Hoover Dam & Grand Cliffs Wash before landing at Grand Canyon West Airport. Shuttle to Skywalk & get suspended 4,000 feet over the bottom. Includes West Rim points of interest like Hualapai Ranch, the Cultural Center, Eagle Point and Guano Point.

Price: $409
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From: South Rim (Tusayan, AZ)

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grand canyon north rim helicopter ride

30-Minute BASIC
Incredible 30-minute, rim-to-rim flight. Departs Kaibab Plateau & goes to North Rim and back. Go through the hear of the Dragoon Corridor while passing historic Grand Canyon Village. When all's said and done, you've seen in half an hour what would take days on foot.

Price: $219
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grand canyon majestic helicopter tour

30-Minute DELUXE
Same route as the North Canyon. The difference is the helicopter. This trip uses an EcoStar 130. This aircraft comes with 25 percent more cabin space, theater-style seating, 180-degree wraparound windows and more. Perfect for photographers or travelers who want mind-blowing panoramas.

Price: $249
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grand kingdom helicopter tour

50-Minute DELUXE
The South Rim's mega tour! Comes with up to 40 minutes airtime. Heads east from airport. See Desert Watchtower, Zuni Corridor, Painted Desert and the Navajo Indian Reservation before crossing Colorado River and returning via the North Rim & Dragoon Corridor. This trip leaves nothing on the table!

Price: $309
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The West Rim is located 120 miles east of Vegas (flight time is 45 minutes). It's situated entirely on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. The crown jewel here is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. There's also the fact that it's the only place in the Park where you can fly to the bottom.

The South Rim comprises more than 1 million acres. Located near the Arizona-Utah border, the Park was one of the first to joint the U.S. National Park system. Today, more than 5 million people a year flock to see a gorge that's a mile deep and 10 miles wide.

Rim weather is extreme. Climate at the West Rim is similar to that of Vegas, except several degrees hotter. During summer this is a big deal when temperatures crack 100 degrees. The South Rim, elevation 6,000 feet, is more temperate during summer; winter is cold and ice and snow are commonplace. Bottom line: dress accordingly.

Fly Direct: Vegas to Grand Canyon South. Hand's down the fastest, most comfortable way to get to the National Park from Sin City. Flight time is just 45 minutes. En route, fly over Hoover Dam and West Rim. Land at South Rim airport. Upgrade to include rim-to-rim helicopter ride and/or transfer to luxury tour bus for 2.5 hour guided excursion inside the Park. This is you ticket if you've got your sights set on this rim. More information.

Please RSVP your helicopter tours in advance. I advise travelers to book at least 72 hours in advance. If you go with a landing tour, tack on an additional day or two. These air tours are popular and do sell out during peak season.

Surf the web for the best deals. I'm now finding discounts of up to 35 percent on flights at both rims. Check out tour operator websites first, then open up your search to general travel sites. FYI: Internet deals require that you buy them on the Web.

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P.S. Plenty of air tours from which to choose. Read these helicopter reviews and find the trip that's perfect for you.